Workshop have now restarted!

Zen2 a are providing a range of Workshops to help you further develop your practice. These workshops will be held in our Studio in Polmont (beside Aldi) and are open to all – no matter where you are in your yoga journey. All workshops are an opportunity to delve deeper into yoga, to enter into discussion with your teachers and to explore ideas, postures and to understand more about your practice.
All necessary equipment will be supplied along with refreshments at the end of the workshop.

If the ‘ 8 limbs of Yoga’ were just ‘2 legs’ …one would be physical (asana)…the other Breathe or energy source (Pranayama)
We are aware of the benefits we get through our physical practice…

But Pranayama is , in itself , another discipline, that when practised diligently , can enhance our daily lives, bringing deep peace, joy,..and connection with our relationships and surroundings.

Come along to a short workshop where you can learn these breathing techniques and meditative practices, that have been known to enhance, heal and transform your life.

Bookings open from 1 May

25 June 2022 Yoga for Menopause with Fiona

Part 3 of the series exploring the Menopause through Yoga

Book before 25 June for 10% off by emailing

August 2022 Yoga For Beginners

Come along and try yoga … have no expectation and we lead you through a little bit of yoga

September 2022 Yoga for Menopause with Fiona

Part 4 of the series exploring the Menopause through Yoga

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